Mia's Weebly
New Zealand one of my many top place to travel too.
 I love this country! there are just to many things i want to see i might just have to go 2 times in one year.
ROMA!! ahh ROMA how i would love to travel to ROMA!
I have always wanted to go to Italy and travel all around.
The sites in Italy are wonderful, the colours of the old building in all the side streets.
United Kingdom would be a lovely place to travel to...I am reading a book and a teenage girl travels to the United Kingdom it makes the UK seem even more exciting.
I would love to travel to Thailand. Watching Channel Vs B430 show makes me want to travel to Thailand..so may amazing things to find.You are able to work with ELEPHANTS!
THE TOMATO FEAST!! I would love to throw tomatos at everyone and be covered in them..Another great country.